Echo is a brand that offers design objects for every space remaining loyal to the Italian ability of always combine functionality and aesthetic form.

The idea of ​​Echo

The Echo collection restores vintage furniture that had been built by experienced craftsmen that could deal with the harmony of the projects of the masters of the Italian Design such as Giò Ponti, Ico Parisi, Carlo De Carli and many others.

Those furniture today are the keystone around which built new shapes suitable to the modern functions in a collection exclusively made of unique pieces because such are the furniture that represent the cornerstone of it.

As echo of a winning intuition that characterized the best italian production, this collection puts together design ability and aesthetic vision of the architects Aldo Maiocchi and Riccardo Nemeth. The transformation places the original piece as mainly one and it develops with stilisti changes of shape, shade and finishing without being unfaithful to its identity but giving value to the cultural origins to which it belongs.