Aldo Maiocchi
Studio Aldo Maiocchi

Aldo Maiocchi, architect and designer (Milan, 1946) graduated in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, he began his professional career in 1972, realising residential and workplace projects, examining and experimenting with shapes and styles, always completing his architectural pieces with the design of the furniture, with careful researches about the use of colour and materials.
An “artisan” architect, fond of hand drawing, which is how he develops his design ideas.
He developed a deep knowledge and experience both in the field of monumental restoration and of the Modern Architecture of the great masters.
He founded professional associations with colleagues and friends, and in 2015 he founded a Studio with his same name, opening up to collaborations with young colleagues and picking up new and exciting design challenges.

Riccardo Nemeth Studio RNA

Riccardo Nemeth, architect and designer (Milan, 1984) graduated in Sustainable Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano; he was always interested in design and considers drawing objects a natural consequence of an architect’s profession.

There are many styles and influences in his furniture, there is a strong reference to architecture, with “buildings” that try to become functional objects with a soul. In his professional activity, he always focused on environmental sustainability, favouring natural materials, capable of evolving with the story of the project with the passing of time.

His motto is “everything is a project”, picking up design challenges not only in the world of architecture, but in the worlds of design and graphic design as well.

In 2015, he founded the Studio RNA, defining his idea of architecture based on a specific taste and characterized by a definite style.

He has been collaborating with the Studio Aldo Maiocchi on various architectural and design projects since 2015. 


Riccardo Nemeth Studio RNA