Echo is a brand that offers design objects for every living space.

It enhances vintage objects designed and made with great skill by contemporary designers and artisans of the fathers of Italian design. Echo products are not replicas, but echoes full of nuances and ideas, often worthy of the most celebrated design objects. What art would have been without Giotto and his followers: the Giotteschi, the very echoes of their master. The echo like a sound wave envelops objects, transforming them and giving them new identities, functions and expressions.

Forgotten and underestimated furnishings are recognized under a new brand and finally find new life.

They are made with a process that provides for the enhancement of the artisan knowledge of the territory.

The new design objects will constitute a collection to recognize the cultural values of a historical period that originated what today is identified as the Italian style or “Italian design”.

The Echo collection recovers vintage furnishings, expertly created by craftsmen who breathed the harmony of the projects of the masters of Italian design, such as Gio Ponti, Ico Parisi, Carlo De Carli, and many others who created the Italian Bel Design.

Those furnishings, full of echoes, are now the central pivot around which to build new forms suitable for modern functions, in a collection composed exclusively of unique pieces, because such are the furnishings that constitute its fulcrum. As an echo of a winning intuition that characterized the best Italian production, the collection combines the design skills and aesthetic vision of the architects Aldo Maiocchi and Riccardo Nemeth.

The transformation places the original piece as the protagonist and develops with stylistic changes in shape, color and finish, without ever betraying its identity but enhancing its cultural matrix of origin.

Echo furnishings are inspired by the elegance and atmospheres that characterized the most significant years of Italian design.